Solar Thermal Outlet

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The Solar Thermal Outlet allows cables and water pipes for solar panels to pass through the roof without compromising the watertightness of the roof itself.

Its unique nozzle design and flexible EPDM sealing collar provide penetrations with a secure weathertight fit to protect the roof structure from damage. In combination with Evo’s flexible EPDM Collar, it creates a weatherproof and airtight seal.

Advantages & Application:

  • Watertight seal created by cutting nozzle to exact size
  • Suitable for most common cable types such as PV, antenna, satellites, lighting & CCTV cables
  • Applicable for pipe and cable diameters of 4–8mm
  • Fits common terracotta and concrete roof tiles profiles
  • Suitable for pipes with diameters 8-12mm, 15-22mm, 25-32mm, 42-55mm & 50-70mm